Microsoft MVP custom software applications

Customized Applications give you what you want.  By design.

Businesses choose to invest in custom applications rather than 'canned' software - not for cost, as it is generally higher initially - but so that their specific needs and preferences are met exactly how they should be.

At Prenia, we provide custom and integrated application development and consultation to our customers.  We specialize in database application and Internet / Intranet solutions using Microsoft .NET Framework.  We develop flexible, solid and adaptable internet-ready and desktop applications for your company's future.  Our reliability and responsiveness is second to none.

The Process That Works.

To our clients, software development begins with consultation, then moves systematically through design, development, installation, implementation, training and finally, ongoing service and support.  Our Development Philosophy ensures that our customers get what they expect.

Our design and development staff have been involved with and are versed in the operations of dozens of different business types, giving our customers the benefit of base knowledge and developmental insight.

Our development expertise is further enhanced by our Development Director who is a C.P.A., offering the benefit of anticipation of specific needs in accounting, inventory and reporting application design.

Our Expertise.

Desktop   ·   Internet/Intranet   ·   Mobile

Design and development of applications software!

  • Internet / Intranet applications using the robust features of Microsoft's ASP.NET that give global accessibility to your team.
  • Rich Client (desktop) applications utilizing the capabilities of the Microsoft's .NET Framework to provide high quality user interfacing.
  • Mobile application creation further extends the reach of your organization.
  • Powerful and flexible reporting programs and integrated reporting to tie-in to existing software.
  • Utilizing Microsoft SQL Server as a relational database system, scaleable from small departmental networks to enterprise-wide networks.

Website Enrichment.

Are you getting all you want out of your website?

  • We build the the back-end data storage and interactive features of your website.
  • Use this technology to run on-line catalogs, order forms, libraries and other various interactivity possibilities.

We can tie your website into your business through ordering, information gathering and intranet development for use by you, your team/staff/group and your gather and extract useful information, from anywhere in the world!

Step One.

We bring clear communication, expertise, experience and reliability to the table when we meet to discuss your project.    Contact us.

Contact Us to explore how we can be a solutions provider for your business today and tomorrow.