Microsoft MVP Development philosophy
  • High valued long-term investment from best practice project analysis and design.
  • Increased stability and reliability using modern software implementation techniques.
  • Expert assistance managing complex systems with experienced consultants.
  • Efficient, prioritized on-time solutions by communication and dedication.

Solid software requires thorough design.  Since you want to avoid flaws in your application and conflicts with your developer, you start with clearly built architecture.

Our applications are built on a solid, thoughtful foundation.  You can expect the best from Prenia.  Our development philosophy emphasizes completeness and accuracy, so you can count on us to deliver what you expect.

We employ a strategic approach that serves to define the solution based on ...

  • An interview on current procedures and current objectives.  This results in a document that will clearly define the objectives, architecture, and capabilities of what we propose to provide for you.
  • Thoughtful considerations based on our business and application experience.  We believe in educating our customers on their options, offering suggestions on capabilities, and getting the whole picture considered.
  • Development that follows that clearly defined 'blue print'; adjustable by you of course as we progress toward meeting your expectations and delivering your application.
  • Ongoing consideration and feedback as development progresses.
  • On-time installation, training and responsive modifications.  In a word: Good Service.

This, we believe, leads to applications that serve your company rather than applications that simply perform a task.

Many developers tend to skip the analysis and design phase when developing in favor of "just getting started" or to avoid charging for analysis work up front.  A common denominator in projects that are seriously behind schedule, architecturally unsound or less than what the customer intended is little or no upfront analysis and design.  This is a mistake.  Your money is actually best spent here.  Good analysis will:

  • Decrease overall cost.
  • Reduce discrepancies.
  • Help manage complex systems.
  • Reduce time-to-completion.

A word about our industry's rap:  On-time delivery.
We are very proud of the fact that we have provided our clients with a 100% on-time delivery record on project deadlines and completion, illustrating our commitment to accountability in business.

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